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Even the handkerchief in my breast-pocket, worn for elegance and not at all for use, was wet through by the time that moribund woman sank for the last time into the arms of her lover.
These moribund shapes were free as air--and nearly as thin.
What would happen should one of the moribund Spanish gun-boats be suddenly galvanized into a flicker of active life did not trouble us, once we were inside the bay--so completely did it appear out of the reach of a meddling world; and besides, in those days we were imaginative enough to look with a kind of joyous equanimity on any chance there was of being quietly hanged somewhere out of the way of diplomatic remonstrance.
When he rose painfully the thrusting forward of a skinny groping hand deformed by gouty swellings suggested the effort of a moribund murderer summoning all his remaining strength for a last stab.
The all but moribund veteran of dynamite wars had been a great actor in his time - actor on platforms, in secret assemblies, in private interviews.
Burns with his moribund head nodding on the stalk of his lean neck was a sight for any one to exclaim at.
IN her letter of December 1, Suzanne North lists all the wonderful things which are happening in Wakefield and contrasts that with moribund Huddersfield.
I was disappointed not to see Ed Moribund - or was it his brother, unfortunately I cannot tell them apart.
Vorderman "I abhor the moribund monkey language myself, which hasn't had a new noun since the Middle Ages.
Summary: NEW YORK - US single-family home prices fell slightly during June in the latest sign the country's struggling economic recovery will not be able to count on any help from a moribund housing sector.
I abhor the appalling and moribund monkey language myself, which hasn't had a new noun since the Middle Ages.
Stuart Gordon, Flagler senior director of leasing who worked with leasing director Chris Sutton to land the auto insurance company, said the top end of the office market has retained its appeal even in a nearly moribund market.