morning prayer

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Morning Prayer

The liturgical service used for morning worship in the Anglican Church. Also called matins.


(ˈmæt n)

1. (often cap.) matins, (used with a sing. v.)
a. the first of the seven canonical hours, beginning at midnight or daybreak, in conjunction with lauds.
b. Also called Morning Prayer. the service of morning liturgical prayer in the Anglican communion.

Also, mat′in•al.

pertaining to the early morning or to matins.
[1200–50; Middle English matyn (pl. matines) < Old French matin < Latin mātūtīnus matutinal]
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Noun1.Morning Prayer - the first canonical hourmorning prayer - the first canonical hour; at daybreak
canonical hour - (Roman Catholic Church) one of seven specified times for prayer

morning prayer

morning service nmattutino
References in classic literature ?
At daylight my friends, after their morning prayer, prepared an excellent breakfast in the same manner as in the evening.
Once a fortnight we go to morning prayer at eleven and sit up in a sort of private box with a room behind, whither we can retire unobserved when the sermon is too long or our flesh too weak, and hear ourselves being prayed for by the blackrobed parson.
Lady Jane, in her morning-gown, was up and above stairs in the nursery superintending the toilettes of her children and listening to the morning prayers which the little creatures performed at her knee.
She went to church three times every Sunday, and to morning prayers on Wednesdays and Fridays, and to lectures whenever there were lectures; and never missed.
Following the adhan, Seccad Mustafa lead the morning prayer.
After their morning prayers, a traditional Filipino breakfast awaited Nuqui and her family, including her four grandchildren.
Craig Hand, 24, went to Hexham Abbey with his young son under the premise of lighting a candle and taking part in morning prayers.
Aa "When we heard the drumming, we knew that we didn't have much time left before it was time for morning prayer so we had to eat fast and get ready to begin the day's fasting," he recalls.
Mr Finlay, who lives in a nearby retirement home, had gone to the church to say a morning prayer.
Her father, Ishaq Abu Zaire was among a group of six men who carried Khyra's coffin into the mosque, following weekly Friday morning prayer session.
Members of Sonrise Christian Fellowship held a morning prayer rally, then stayed to offer moral support to the homeless men and women.
When I wake each morning, I start my morning prayer with the Angelus so, in essence, my bedside alarm clock serves as my 6 a.