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n. pl. mor·phal·lax·es (-lăk′sēz)
The regeneration of a body part involving structural or cellular reorganization of existing tissues, occurring chiefly in invertebrates.

[New Latin : morph(o)- + Greek allaxis, exchange (from allassein, to exchange, from allos, other; see al- in Indo-European roots).]


n, pl -laxes (-ˈlæksiːz)
(Zoology) zoology the transformation of one part into another that sometimes occurs during regeneration of organs in certain animals
[C20: New Latin, from morpho- + Greek allaxis exchange, from allassein to exchange, from allos other]


(ˌmɔr fəˈlæk sɪs)

n., pl. -lax•es (-ˈlæk siz)
the regeneration of a lost body part by the reorganization and growth of remaining or adjacent tissue.
[1901; morph- + Greek állaxis exchange, derivative (with -sis -sis) of allássein to exchange, ultimately derivative of állos other]
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Noun1.morphallaxis - regeneration on a reduced scale of a body part; observed especially in invertebrates such as certain lobsters
regeneration - (biology) growth anew of lost tissue or destroyed parts or organs