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morph 1

An allomorph.

[From morpheme.]

morph 2

One of various distinct forms of a species (such as color variant) or of an organism during different parts of its life cycle.

[From Greek morphē, form, shape.]

morph 3

v. morphed, morph·ing, morphs
To transform (an image) by computer: cinematic special effects that morphed the villain into a snake.
To be transformed: "By morning all his hurt feelings had morphed into mischief" (Dana Adam Shapiro).

[Shortening of metamorphose.]


(Linguistics) linguistics the phonological representation of a morpheme
[C20: shortened form of morpheme]


(Biology) biology any of the different forms of individual found in a polymorphic species
[C20: from Greek morphē shape]


1. (Computer Science) to undergo or cause to undergo morphing
2. to transform or be transformed completely in appearance or character: he morphed from nerd into pop icon.
(Computer Science) a morphed image


1. a sequence of sounds or letters constituting the physical realization of a morpheme in a specific context.
2. Biol.
a. an individual of one particular form, as a worker ant, in a species that occurs in two or more forms.
b. a locally distinct population of a polymorphic species.
3. to transform (an image) by computer.
4. to be transformed: morphing from a tough negotiator to Mr. Friendly.
[1945–50; back formation from morpheme, or independent use of -morph]
mor′phic, adj.


var. of morpho- before a vowel: morphallaxis.


a combining form meaning “form, structure,” of the kind specified by the initial element: isomorph.
[< Greek -morphos; see -morphous]


ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.morph - cause to change shape in a computer animation; "The computer programmer morphed the image"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
2.morph - change shape as via computer animation; "In the video, Michael Jackson morphed into a panther"
contort, wring, deform, distort - twist and press out of shape


[mɔːf] Nmorfo m


[ˈmɔːrf] vise transformer
to morph into sth → se transformer en qch
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Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Nov 19 (ANI): A 20-year-old man was arrested here for allegedly harassing three girls by sending them their morphed pictures through WhatsApp.
Fully active + fully passive morphed wing (a) and HT TUAV; (b) no active + no passive morphed wing and HT TUAV; (c)--TUAV before flight; (d)--upper technical view of TUAV (mm s are used).
Most people find the app addicting and won't stop until they have morphed everyone in the room.
This enabled larger surface deformations while maintaining smoothness and integrity of the morphed surfaces in the identified regions which was not possible in phase 1 approach.
Last year, a foreign national contacted the cyber security expert in India, complaining that an Indian youth was demanding $100 (`6,779 approx) per month in exchange for her morphed pictures uploaded on social media websites.
Several mechanical components were used for test cases of stress reduction capabilities, comparing the initial meshed models with the morphed ones.
The ECSC was gradually broadened and deepened with additional treaties and agreements, becoming the European Economic Community (EEC or Common Market), which later morphed again into the EC, or European Community, before transforming into the European Union.
His Social Darwinism, with its Southern strategy of survival of the fittest, has not morphed into a Scientific Darwinism.
When supplied with various growth factors, the new cells morphed into a variety of cell types.
The morphed FE model helps in assessing whether a "predesign" meets performance targets.
It's now commonly used to mean change, as in, "Following the election, the moderate Democrat morphed into a conservative one.