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A meaningful linguistic unit that cannot be divided into smaller meaningful parts. The word man and the suffix -ed (as in walked) are morphemes.

[French morphème, blend of Greek morphē, form and French phonème, phoneme; see phoneme.]

mor·phem′ic adj.
mor·phem′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.morphemic - of or relating to morphemes


[mɔːˈfiːmɪk] ADJmorfímico
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Morphemic analysis (prefixxes, suffixes, and root words) 5.
Marjorie Perloff confirmara posteriormente esta percepcion: "The limbo Goldsmith refers to was quite real: in the 1980s and '90s, the going view, especially in Anglo-America, where concrete poetry had never really caught on, was that the 1950s experiment in material poetics was ideologically suspect--too 'pretty,' too empty of 'meaningful' content, too much like advertising copy" (50), pero tambien agrega: "Such concretist texts--texts in which lettristic or morphemic form is inextricable from meaning--anticipate contemporary digital poetics, where letter, font, size, spacing, and color are used to generate complex verbovisual configurations" (13).
fleet phonetic and morphemic forms and their unfolding, expansive relations" (79).
Assessment in spelling based on an error analysis of written words should therefore consider utilising words that are monosyllabic, disyllabic and polysyllabic but also feature common phonological regularities, legal letters sequences and morphemic complexities.
5) It also means to highlight the morphemic quotients of the syllables: bio-auto-graphy is bio-logical-/auto-matic and auto-nomic-/graphing.
Their study focuses on elementary schoolchildren, who successfully increase their English/Spanish vocabulary knowledge with tandem readingaloud activities of picture books and explicit activities, such as definitions, examples, imagery, and the morphemic analysis of words.
Pseudocompound words were those that orthographically consist of two English morphemes, but in which the morphemes do not play any morphemic role (e.
A morphemic approach to vocabulary instruction may be an effective method for increasing student outcomes in both word knowledge and reading comprehension (Kuo & Anderson, 2006; Reed, 2008).
They stop after each short section of text to identify words and ideas they don't understand and to use context clues and morphemic analysis to figure out word meanings (click and clunk).
It examines the constraints that a language or dialect imposes upon adjacent articulations in its native vocabulary, primarily at the syllabic levels (the focus of this article), but also at the morphemic and lexical levels.
Morphemic and word-formation analysis includes determining the structural and word formation features which are noted at the level of allocating morphemes and establishing the relations between the derivative components.
5) BCC has several types due to clinical and histopathological characteristics as nodular, superficial, micronodular, morphemic form, infiltrating, pigmented, metatypic and fibroepithelioma of pinkus.