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In mathematical category theory, a generalization or abstraction of the concept of a structure-preserving function.
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A very queer sexual morphism touches practically all of the male characters on The Simpsons, one which is often used rather simplistically as commentary on such characters' stability and trust-worthiness.
Mathematical Expression Omitted] we have a canonical morphism from the symmetric product [Mathematical Expression Omitted] which is not an isomorphism only on the hyperelliptic locus by Noether's theorem.
Thus, gross morphism could be defined as the presence of violent reaction, horror, repulsion or pity to the facial difference(s) of another; marked morphism as definitely noticeable reactions from others such as repulsion, jokes, pity; and so on.
In Proposition 7, through a birational morphism from X to a relatively minimal model of the ruling, we have an explicit description of the Neron-Severi group NS(X).
In fact, for each group G, there is a universal inverse semigroup S(G), nowadays known as Exel's semigroup, which associates to each partial action of G on a set (topological space) X, a morphism of semigroups between S(G) and the inverse semigroup of partially defined bijections (homeomorphisms) in X.
1 The F-triangle is a morphism of commutative algebra from A to Z[x, y].
We recall that an object S from C is M-injective in C provided that for any morphism h: A [right arrow] B in M and any morphism f: A [right arrow] S in C there exists a morphism g: B [right arrow] S such that gh = f.
Under suitable assumptions, Ziltener conjectures, there exists a morphism of cohomological field theories from the equivariant Gromov-Witten theory of a Hamiltonian action of a compact connected Lie group on a symplectic manifold, to the Gromov-Witten theory of the symplectic quotient.
By default, the relation is denoted f: A [right arrow] B, for morphism f and objects A, B.
morphism f: A [right arrow] P such that the following diagram is commutative.
An anchored vector bundle (AVB) (or a relative tangent space, see [14, 17]) is a couple ([theta],D), where [theta] = (E, p,M) is a vector bundle and D:[theta][right arrow][tau]M is a vector bundle morphism called an anchor (an arrow, or a tangent map).