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mort 1

The note sounded on a hunting horn to announce the death of a deer.

[Middle English, death, from Old French, from Latin mors, mort-; see mer- in Indo-European roots.]

mort 2

A great number or quantity.

[Perhaps from mortal.]


(Hunting) a call blown on a hunting horn to signify the death of the animal hunted
[C16: via Old French from Latin mors death]


a great deal; a great many
[possibly a shortened form of mortal used as an intensifier]



1. a note played on a hunting horn signifying that the animal hunted has been killed.
2. Obs. death.
[1300–50; Middle English < Middle French < Latin mort- (s. of mors) death]


 a great quantity.
Examples: mort of luck, 1821; of merrymaking, 1775; of money, 1887; of prisoners, 1694; of talk, 1850; of wit, 1708.
References in classic literature ?
To the death," cried the little gray man, "a mort, mon fils.
Both these men were considered excellent swordsmen, but when Beauchamp heard again the little gray man's "a mort, mon fils," he shuddered, and the little hairs at the nape of his neck rose up, and his spine froze, for he knew that he had heard the sentence of death passed upon him; for no mortal had yet lived who could vanquish such a swordsman as he who now faced him.
They are thy enemies, my son, and to thee belongs the pleasure of revenge; a mort, mon fils.
Or avant, entre nous tous freres Battons nos charognes bien fort En remembrant la grant misere De Dieu et sa piteuse mort Qui fut pris en la gent amere Et vendus et trais a tort Et bastu sa chair, vierge et dere Au nom de ce battons plus fort.
They all asked me questions, and I told them how pap and me and all the family was living on a little farm down at the bottom of Arkansaw, and my sister Mary Ann run off and got married and never was heard of no more, and Bill went to hunt them and he warn't heard of no more, and Tom and Mort died, and then there warn't nobody but just me and pap left, and he was just trimmed down to nothing, on account of his troubles; so when he died I took what there was left, because the farm didn't belong to us, and started up the river, deck passage, and fell overboard; and that was how I come to be here.
Fuir la mort," she repeated, meditatively, in her mysterious voice.
She felt the PETIT MORT at this unexpectedly gruesome information, and left the solitary man behind her.
Ivanhoe crossed himself, repeating prayers in Saxon, Latin, or Norman-French, as they occurred to his memory, while Richard alternately said, Benedicite, and swore, Mort de ma vie!
Silence a` la mort," replied Laurie, with a melodramatic flourish, as he went away.
Mort makes no pretense to discussing Hemingway's fiction in any depth, even in instances where they may shed light on Hemingway's war experience.
L'ambassadeur russe est mort ce soir dans sa residence" dans la capitale soudanaise, a affirme le ministere des Affaires etrangeres soudanais dans un communique, sans preciser les causes du deces du diplomate, ne en 1954.
Fields discussed this case with Mort because she had recently tackled a similar case through Legal Aid of Manasota and had a successful outcome.