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a. A picture or decorative design made by setting small colored pieces, as of stone or tile, into a surface.
b. The process or art of making such pictures or designs.
2. A composite picture made of overlapping, usually aerial, photographs.
3. Something that resembles a mosaic: a mosaic of testimony from various witnesses.
4. Botany A viral disease of plants, resulting in light and dark areas in the leaves, which often become shriveled and dwarfed.
5. An array of photosensitive elements in a video camera that react to light and are scanned by other components to compose an image.
6. Biology An individual exhibiting mosaicism.
tr.v. mo·sa·icked, mo·sa·ick·ing, mo·sa·ics
1. To make by mosaic: mosaic a design on a rosewood box.
2. To adorn with or as if with mosaic: mosaic a sidewalk.

[Middle English musycke, from Old French mosaique, from Old Italian mosaico, from Medieval Latin mūsāicum, neuter of mūsāicus, of the Muses, from Latin Mūsa, Muse, from Greek Mousa; see men- in Indo-European roots.]

mo·sa′i·cist (mō-zā′ĭ-sĭst) n.


Of or relating to Moses or the laws and writings attributed to him.


a mosaic maker or dealer in mosaics. Also mosaist.
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The work is being supported by Steve Field RBSA, a local sculptor, muralist and mosaicist, who coordinated Dudley's Millennium Sculpture Trail.
The laborious work behind mosaics would be enough to discourage any aspiring mosaicist, but not Zayco.
Judges for the show were: Jordan Howland, Seattle, Washington, USA, where she manages Public Art projects for King County's Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Department of Transportation, and Department of Executive Services; Pamela Irving, Melbourne, Australia, Vice President of the Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand, an internationally recognized artist whose career has produced a broad spectrum of work in sculpture, ceramics, painting and mosaics; and Matteo Randi, Chicago, Illinois, USA, born in Ravenna, Italy, a widely exhibited and award winning mosaicist who received his training at the Istituto d'Arte and the National School for the Conservation of Mosaics, and who currently serves as Educational Director of the Chicago Mosaic School.
The author of this hardcover book, an experienced and knowledgeable mosaicist, brings the ancient art of mosaic-making into the 21st century.
Yesterday's highlight Mosaicist appeared to have the second division of the 6f handicap at Yarmouth (3.
Mosaicist looked a filly of potential when making a winning handicap bow last time out and she can build on that impression with further glory at Pontefract.
The handicapper has had his say and put her up 10lb for that victory, but Mosaicist won with plenty in hand and could have a little more up her sleeve in the British Stallion Studs EBF/Park Suite Fillies' Handicap.
Merrjanah ran her best race last time when third to Mosaicist over six furlongs at Yarmouth but is by no means sure to stay this trip - she faded quickly the only time she has tried it so is another Unlikely.
The first award of the competition is participation in the International Strumica Art Colony, in the studio for mosaic founded by the Macedonian academic painter and mosaicist Gazanfer Bajram, who is also a member of Mosaico Oggi.
Mosaics of girls swimming in cocktails by Barcelona-based British mosaicist Martin Brown hang in the bathroom, inspired by 1930s Aperitivo ads.
Phaidon Press sent the Prairie Schooner a paperback copy of Byzantium Rediscovered for review, suggesting that it could "be used as a catalyst for a local spotlight" because its final focus is on the Nebraska State Capitol, where architect Bertram Goodhue and mosaicist Hildreth Meiere employed the style and materials of the Byzantine revival that had spread throughout Europe in the hundred years preceding.