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Adv.1.most importantly - above and beyond all other consideration; "above all, you must be independent"
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collateral requirements is directly at odds with the regulatory objectives of adequate capacity, affordable coverage, market stability, and most importantly, insurer solvency
Most importantly for the Bank, however--which will occupy 1.
Most importantly, they object to the bishops favouring "the unconditional alignment" of our "Canadian Church" with the directives from Rome, and giving "priority to the re-affirmation of dogma and traditional morals" (rather than listening to the people).
So I felt it was important that we presented a character who defied those stereotypes and that presented us in all of our neuroses, vulnerability, eccentricity, openness and innocence - most importantly, that he was looking for his own heritage beyond the borders of his country.
The 1836 Prisoners' Counsel Act was an important landmark in the progression of the criminal trial, as it gave the accused access to all depositions and a copy of the indictment sworn against them, recognized the defendant's right to have legal counsel, and perhaps most importantly, permitted that counsel to address the jury on behalf of his client.
Most importantly, each player must realize that for only 20% of the game, he will either have the ball in his hands or directly guard the ball, leaving ample opportunity for him to prove his mettle away from the ball.
Most importantly, the stringent protocols, training, and quality assurance standards in both industries are designed to protect Americans on a daily basis, whether they are 1.
Let's pray in the coming months that the Canadian task force and the international commission face their duties with honesty, courage and, most importantly, hearts and minds that are open to the possibility of change.
Most importantly, by the mid-1980s leading Democrats like Gary Hart and Sam Nunn were introducing some of the most innovative ideas on military reform of anyone in Congress.
Most importantly, Ethernet now offers nominal bandwidth at the same gigabit speed as Fibre Channel, with more aggressive plans to increase it over the next few years.
The school will have several classrooms, a teachers' lounge, administration offices and, most importantly, heat and running water.
Once they do that and begin to consider what it takes to decrease process cycle times, they will begin to see their way to the future of competitiveness in American business generally and, most importantly, of the metalcasting industry and their own companies.