significant figures

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significant figures


significant digits

pl n
1. (Mathematics) the figures of a number that express a magnitude to a specified degree of accuracy, rounding up or down the final figure: 3.141 59 to four significant figures is 3.142.
2. (Mathematics) the number of such figures: 3.142 has four significant figures. Compare decimal place2
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Fortunately not; the transducer has just not finished yet: With the input [0, 1, 1, 1], which is the binary expansion of 14 from the least significant to the most significant digit, we would stop in the nonfinal state with label 2, as we can see by typing
The first column is the decimal integer represented by a CA's rule vector, obtained by treating the symbols S,B,D,F as the integers 0,1,2,3 respectively, and viewing the rule vector as a number in base 4 with the most significant digit on the right.

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