mother house

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moth′er house`

1. a convent housing a mother superior.
2. a self-governing convent having authority over other houses.
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however, if the applicant is not a subsidiary or if the parent company is not able to issue a mother house guarantee, the applicant must provide a bank guarantee issued by an institution / institution / bank approved by edf energies nouvelles.
From schoolchildren to residents of various homes run by the MoC, many gathered at the Mother House.
In 2016, the nun phoned her and said the sisters were ready to sell the Mother House and a vacant lot in the property.
For a moment the veil of solemnity was lifted as the white and blue- bordered capes shuffled with the colourful dupattas and black hijabs to soak in the celebration of an honour, which the several thousand congregation gathered at the Mother House felt Mother had earned as the " Living Saint" during her life time.
Kolkata, Sep 4(ANI): Argentina soccer team, including coach and assistant coach, visited the Mother House, the headquarters of Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa, here on Sunday.
The Rite of Christian Burial was celebrated in the Mother House Chapel on June 13, followed by burial in the Congregations cemetery.
When Collopy arrives at the Mother House one morning at 4:45, he finds the sisters washing their saris, each with her own bucket.
After Saturday's ceremony, she was buried in the foundation of her order's Mother House - a place that is now expected to become a shrine.
Mother Teresa was buried in the grounds of her charity's headquarters, Mother House.
Beside the tomb, a photograph of Mother Teresa with a message "Saint Teresa of Kolkata, Pray for Us", even as a life size photograph of the saint, similar to the one that hung from the balcony in the Vatican, was put up inside Mother House.
A huge crowd had gathered outside the Mother House to catch a glimpse of the football great and the newly appointed coach of the Argentina national football team.