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Among several persons collected about the doorsteps, the most remarkable was a sturdy mountaineer, of six feet two and corresponding bulk, with a heavy set of features, such as might be moulded on his own blacksmith's anvil, but yet indicative of mother wit and rough humor.
When you have to live by your mother wit, old boy, I hope you may get on better than I do.
The Mann-made courses were routinely oversubscribed by students as the professor's reputation for clarity, mother wit, and graciousness spread throughout the campus.
On Sunday, the Alaska Airlines Stage lineup includes acoustic finger-style guitarist Will Brown, singer-songwriter Rick Leighton, Eddy Delbridge, folk from Mother Wit (formerly Aroura) and Theo Czuk with Theo's Trio.
Anne lets her stay and pooh-poohs the offer to work gratis, yet, as film critic James Agee wrote, Fidelia still "hustles back to the Hiltons to get in her day's measure of malapropisms, comic relief, mother wit, and free labor.
Schottenstein, Mother Wit Annie Golden Pam, Danny Delaney, Cindy Laura Heisler Russell Delaney, Ekaraxu, Bernie Redman, Dr.
In this small piece of mother wit that hinted at the importance of looks in today's society was the impetus of what drives male/ female relationships, the bare core that is left after you strip away all of the pretense and pretending that cloud the real reason for female actions and male reactions.
The visionary spider met mother wit And the collective web David Bohm implication Algorithmic intelligence Sustaining itself Einstein spooky action at a distance Jon B.
Along the way Hardy serves up social commentary spiced with his own special mother wit and romantic sex scenes filled with boldly stirring images of black-on-black love.
Is there any finer piece of Mother Wit that one could encounter than this one offered her sons by single parent Steinbach: "Strong people are made by opposition - like strong kites that go up against the wind.