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Having or making no motion.

mo′tion·less·ly adv.
mo′tion·less·ness n.
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Noun1.motionlessness - a state of no motion or movement; "the utter motionlessness of a marble statue"
state - the way something is with respect to its main attributes; "the current state of knowledge"; "his state of health"; "in a weak financial state"
fixedness, immobility, stationariness - remaining in place
motion - a state of change; "they were in a state of steady motion"
References in classic literature ?
There was a strange motionlessness of everything in that pretty little cabin.
Then comes a sense of sudden motionlessness throughout all things; as if those who bore me (a ghastly train
They were wild, bold, ravenous; their red eyes glaring upon me as if they waited but for motionlessness on my part to make me their prey.
He has a power likewise of realizing and conveying to the consciousness of his reader abstract and elementary impressions, silence, darkness, absolute motionlessness, or, again, the whole complex sentiment of a particular place, the abstract expression of desolation in the long [99] white road, of peacefulness in a particular folding of the hills.
But she, too, grew pale and thin; and the nervous activity of the poor little hands and arms only emphasized the pitiful motionlessness of the once active little feet and legs now lying so woefully quiet under the blankets.
Butt wiggles were observed after a frog had moved to capture a prey item or immediately after a bout was over and the frogs were resettling into motionlessness.
The house at that hour was solemn, otherworldly in its motionlessness.
But among the visual responses to stress you may observe, the most telling is the impulse to freeze (that instant of motionlessness that precedes the decision to fight or flee).
In the network context of global media, place has been a merging point of two opposing elements--remoteness and closeness, virtuality and reality, presence and absence, mobility and motionlessness (Jones, 2009: 487).
Fifteen photographs by Moukarzel and five paintings by Sakabe will be displayed in this one-of-a-kind artistic project, which shows how movement and motionlessness meet.
Advantages offered by general anesthesia includes - rapid onset of anesthesia, full control of the body processes (airway, respiratory and circulatory system), used in surgeries with unpredictable duration of surgery, no memory of the surgery, allows complete motionlessness over prolonged duration of the surgery and it permits simultaneous operation on different body parts.
Wu Luan does not move, embodying an extreme motionlessness in contrast to Wan's energetic exit as she sweeps out, her long robes trailing behind her.