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Noun1.motor area - the cortical area that influences motor movements
cortical area, cortical region - any of various regions of the cerebral cortex
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The real injury was a depressed fracture of the skull, extending right up through the motor area.
Brain imaging studies have found activation of motor areas when people process action-related words.
Resection of prerolandic motor areas defined by nTMS motor evoked potentials correlates with postoperative motor function.
Islamabad -- A University of Vermont College of Medicine child psychiatry team has found evidence they expected that music playing altered the motor areas of the brain, because the activity requires control and coordination of movement and changes were observed in the behaviourregulating areas of the brain.
The authors found evidence they expected -- that music playing altered the motor areas of the brain, because the activity requires control and coordination of movement.
Highly myelinated, fast-conducting, large-calibre fibres connect primary and secondary sensory and motor areas, and poorly myelinated, small-calibre and slowly conducting fibres connect homologous prefrontal and temporoparietal association areas.
such observation not only activates the brain's visual areas, it is also registered in the [relevant] motor areas.
Lead author Patricia Kuhl, co-director of the UW's Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences said that most babies babble by 7 months, but don't utter their first words until after their first birthdays and finding activation in motor areas of the brain when infants are simply listening is significant, because it means the baby brain is engaged in trying to talk back right from the start and suggests that 7-month-olds' brains are already trying to figure out how to make the right movements that will produce words.
Children who have the difficulties in these basic motor skills, often are exposed to low progress and learning disorders that are not due to intelligence problems or desire to learn but they do not have supportive ground for physical intelligence and knowledge and if these motor areas involved in learning, are not recognized and treated, the child may be also shown the secondary failure and behavioral symptoms in addition to educational problems.
The motor areas in the brain needed for movement of the amputated arm are reactivated, and the patient obtains visual feedback that tricks the brain into believing there is an arm executing such motor commands.
Interestingly,' these networks orientated in the pre-motor and motor areas of the insular cortex; 'in other words, we have a more coherent, integrated brain which disposes us to act in service of others, which is the basis of compassion,' Whitesman added.
The main areas are the ventral tegmental area (VTA) located in the mid-brain just above the hippocampus and in front of the substantia nigra; the nucleus accumbens (NAc) in the striatum just below the front end of the corpus callosum; and the prefrontal cortex, located just behind the forehead and just in front of the motor areas of the cortex.