motor torpedo boat

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PT boat

a small, fast, lightly armed boat used esp. in World War II for torpedoing enemy shipping.
[1940–45; p(atrol)t(orpedo)]
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Noun1.motor torpedo boat - a small fast unarmored and lightly armed torpedo boatmotor torpedo boat - a small fast unarmored and lightly armed torpedo boat; P(atrol) T(orpedo) boat
torpedo boat - small high-speed warship designed for torpedo attacks in coastal waters
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After training as a telegraphist, Ray found himself serving on motor torpedo boat patrols in the Channel looking out for German convoys and submarines.
Two British ships and two naval helicopters took part in the operation to board a former Second World War motor torpedo boat, recovering a record 3.
A former Second World War motor torpedo boat - used by the Germans and capable of high speeds - was suspected of transporting drugs into Europe.
His motor torpedo boat (MTB) is part of a flotilla sent on a mission to sink the German battleship, Heilbrunner.
Some served as motor torpedo boat tenders, battle damage repair ships or aircraft engine repair ships.
From 1943 through 1945, he served as a commissioned officer, first commanding PT 566, a motor torpedo boat in MTB Ron 29 assigned to the Mediterranean, and then in MTB Ron 12 assigned to the Southwest Pacific and based out of the Philippines.
Fully kitted out in a 'fore and aft' rig I was drafted to the south coast to join a motor torpedo boat flotilla.
There was the motor torpedo boat from which Churchill inspected warships before the D-Day landings.