motor unit

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mo′tor u′nit

a motor neuron and the muscle fibers innervated by its axon.
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Amplitude, duration, area, and phases of motor unit potential (MUP) are parameters studied conventionally.
There is a strong likelihood that it comes from either motor unit synchronization, or (more likely) in unison fluctuations in motor unit firing rates combined with simultaneous recruitment patterns.
To investigate the relation between spectral sEMG indicators and time from the onset of the exercise until the power output corresponding to the ventilatory threshold (where full motor unit recruitment is theoretically reached), the time-courses of Fmedian are plotted up to T-vent for individual subjects [Figure 2(a)].
Thus, it is hypothesized that maximal muscle force can be increased by using weights lighter or heavier than the established maximum weight through a special development of the maximal rate of force, the synchronization and speed of the recruitment for motor units, the maximal force of certain motor unit groups, muscle density, intramuscular coordination, and intermuscular coordination (2, 4, 12-15, 18-20).
Plyometric training is specialized training designed to develop nerve explosive power through enhancing motor units work to produce maximum power in lowest possible time (Partic, 2000).
From a practical point of view, performing lower loads to achieve the same pattern of motor unit activation results in a less exigency of the joint structures (joint capsule, ligaments and tendons).
Point: Spectral properties of the surface EMG can characterize motor unit recruitment strategies and muscle fiber type.
after acquiring the motor unit of the Westinghouse a few months ago.
Specifically, differences in motor unit recruitment order and activation frequencies, as well as imprecise control of muscle forces, will contribute to the increased fatigability observed with NMES [3].
NTN's In-wheel Motor Unit features a motor system that combines a cycloid reduction gear and compact, lightweight drive motor to deliver high reduction ratio, high efficiency and high load capacity.
Motor unit synchronization increase Emg Amplitude and Decreases force steadiness of simulated contractions.
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