motor unit

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mo′tor u′nit

a motor neuron and the muscle fibers innervated by its axon.
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Powered chassis for diesel motor unit 861-2 pieces.
It is important to point out that previous studies [12,13] have suggested that the normal order of motor unit recruitment (i.
This interpretation is consistent with the observation (Figure 4(b), (d)) that the reduction in the incremental force is larger at higher effort levels, since we would expect both greater overlap of recruitment and higher motor unit firing rates at the higher force level.
Point: Spectral properties of the surface EMG can characterize motor unit recruitment strategies and muscle fiber type.
Resistance training affects motor units of the body which leads to special adaptation [2].
The call was received by Eriks at 1pm and the unusual hollow shaft, housed gearbox and motor unit was collected by 2pm.
A 48-ounce pitcher (best for drinks) and a 2-cup container (good for chopping foods like onions, tomatoes, garlic, parsley), with splash guards and nonslip bottoms, are interchangeable (each has its own blade) and designed to use the same power motor unit or pulsing head on top (with an electrical cord).
Needle electromyography (EMG) of bilateral tibialis anterior and peroneus longus muscles revealed motor unit potentials of normal amplitude, duration, and phasicity; increased insertional activity, 2+ fibrillations, 2+ positive sharp waves and reduced recruitment.
This is known as motor unit "synchronization," and it is a major player in the strength and power game plan.
In the company's motor unit, American Superconductor has built a prototype ship propulsion motor for the U.
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