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motte 1

also mott  (mŏt)
n. Texas
A copse or small stand of trees on a prairie.

[American Spanish mata, from Spanish, shrub, probably from Late Latin matta, mat; see mat1.]

motte 2

A flat-topped mound of earth, often made artificially in the Middle Ages, on which was built a wooden or stone defensive structure.

[From French, from Old French mote, mound; see moat.]


(Historical Terms) history a natural or man-made mound on which a castle was erected
[C14: see moat]


a mound surmounted by a tower, which together with a bailey comprised an early Norman castle.
[1885–90; < French: mound; see moat]
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The factory's general manager Martin Motte said the quality of the workforce in Llantrisant had shown the wisdom of the decision to move production from Leighton Buzzard to Wales 30 years ago.
2) ``I could relate to her because she was somebody who was so focused on a goal - which often happens to me - that she lost out on opportunities on the way to that goal,'' says Hilary Swank of her role as the obsessive Jeanne de la Motte Valois in ``The Affair of the Necklace.
The bailey is believed to have been in the area marked by the present Bayley Lane and Earl Street and the motte in High Street, Pepper Lane and Hay Lane.
Motte began his railroad career in 1967 with the New Haven Railroad and has served in a variety of operating positions with Conrail, including Superintendent-System Operations Bureau, Assistant General Superintendent-Transportation, Assistant Division Transportation Superintendent at Indianapolis, and Assistant Terminal Superintendent at Toledo.
Warren Motte makes an attractive and useful case for the subspecies of modernism, minimalism, whose practitioners seem to mobilize an individualistic assault on norms, and on unwitting readers too.
A huge boulder marks the site of old Fort Motte and honors the brave and selfless widow who risked her life and sacrificed her home for the cause of the Revolution.
Cameraman Ray de la Motte was in good condition with minor neck and chest injuries at Columbia Los Robles Hospital, said Kris Carraway, hospital spokeswoman.
In his treatise on things both literary and playful Warren Motte has forged a singular critique wherein - to make a spirited appropriation from Shakespeare's Hamlet - he attempts to "catch the conscience of the king[dom].
Raymond De Motte, Sterling's President explained, "The Sterling Tunnel is part of our Upper Country strategy designed to complement forecast production from deeper levels.
HE might not be as outspoken as Jeremy Clarkson, but Brian Motte is still a petrol head.
Captain Duncan Motte, 30, from Cardiff, said: ``It's basically the Oxford Street of Basra.