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motte 1

also mott  (mŏt)
n. Texas
A copse or small stand of trees on a prairie.

[American Spanish mata, from Spanish, shrub, probably from Late Latin matta, mat; see mat1.]

motte 2

A flat-topped mound of earth, often made artificially in the Middle Ages, on which was built a wooden or stone defensive structure.

[From French, from Old French mote, mound; see moat.]


(Historical Terms) history a natural or man-made mound on which a castle was erected
[C14: see moat]


a mound surmounted by a tower, which together with a bailey comprised an early Norman castle.
[1885–90; < French: mound; see moat]
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Address : Palais Des Congrs - Avenue Jean Bne 34280 La Grande Motte
About three miles south of Beacon Street lies Castle Hill - the site of a 12th century motte and bailey castle and the site of a medieval village.
Bishopton Castle was built in 1143 by Roger de Conyers, in the motte and bailey style.
Recognized as a top producer, de la Motte brings with her exceptional south-of-the-highway properties valued at $40 million.
Following Motte provides all the pleasures of following in the footsteps of a great reader.
The moat in the painting may well have been the Gilcomston Burn, as according to the Royal Commission for Ancient and Historic Monuments Scotland, Gillecoaim's motte was located around Mount Street.
Motte is a gaming industry veteran with over nineteen years of experience in product management and business development in the game division at Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT).
Public access to the top of Ha'Hill remains, through a kissing gate on the western side of the motte, but visitors are asked to keep dogs under control in and around the area.
You may have seen Red Carpet Bay Area's 30-minute magazine-style coverage of fashion, events and life in the Bay Area, well, It's a Red Carpet Life does all that, and host Marybeth La Motte sits down with guests to discuss their trade secrets, from the mysteries of the Mayans, to luxurious getaways, business tips, and positioning yourself in front of the camera.
Questions may be put directly to the winemaker, whose dedication, expertise and care for each vintage at Chteau Motte Maucourte is reflected in the high quality wines that will be served during the evening.
In this splendidly well-informed, thought-provoking, and readable book, Warren Motte continues the exploration of the (post)modern French novel that he undertook in such exemplary works as Play-texts: Ludics in Contemporary Literature, Small Worlds: Minimalism in Contemporary French Literature, and Fables of the Novel: French Fiction Since 1990.