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Pronounced as a palatal sound, as the ll in French fille.

[French, past participle of mouiller, to moisten, palatalize, from Old French moillier, to soften by soaking; see moil.]


(Phonetics & Phonology) phonetics palatalized, as in the sounds represented by Spanish ll or ñ, Italian gl or gn (pronounced as /ʎ/ and /ɲ/ respectively), or French ll (representing a (j) sound)
[C19: from French, past participle of mouiller to moisten, from Latin mollis soft]
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Our long-time collaboration with SAP has consistently demonstrated that with a strong technology foundation and unparalleled industry expertise, we can help clients achieve incredible speed to value and gain competitive advantage, said Christophe Mouille, senior managing director and Global SAP practice lead at Accenture.
A feast of design icons festoon the space as Vladimir Kagan sofas and Serge Mouille lamps lead one onto the amoeboid terrace that offers Instagram worthy shots of the world's tallest building.
Il a aussi mouille ses collegues deputes du Front populaire (FP), qui ont vote dans ce sens.
The Dubai Opera's curvaceous architecture extends to the Pearl Bar's polished marble and sleek lines, the dining area's arched leather banquettes, and Serge Mouille floor lamps.
Until December 4 Design Miami Until December 20 Claude Bellegarda: FARBENLEHRE (6, rue Saint-Claude) Until January 2017 Francois Arnal/Atelier A, Andre Borderie, Michel Boyer, Pierre Guariche, Pierre Jeanneret, Georges Jouve, Claude et Francois-Xavier Lalanne, Le Corbusier, Jean Maneval, Mathieu Mategot, Serge Mouille, Olivier Mourgue, Alexandre Noll, Pierre Paulin, Maria Pergay, Charlotte Perriand, Antoine Philippon/Jacqueline Lecoq, Jean Prouve, Guy de Rougemont, Jean Royere, Gino Sarfatti, and Roger Tallon
No other restaurant in Houston uses the combination of mid-century modern pieces such as the Saarinen chairs by Knoll or the famous Serge Mouille light fixtures, with the classic color scheme of white, gray, black, brass and white stone, in one cohesively designed space.
South Africa from PS760pp: Explore Cape Town on a 10-night trip staying at four-star Mouille Point Village Resort.
beaucoup moins que] Nous avons un bon groupe qui travaille et mouille le maillot.
SOUTH AFRICA: Western Cape: Table Bay, Mouille Point, intertidal, 1900, (R.
3, 1906: "Le depart," "Voeu," "Lejardin mouille," "Madrigal lyrique"; Quatre pobnes, op.
The new system is transforming Timken's HR business processes and provides the company with the talent management data to power its business in a global economy," says Christophe Mouille, Managing Director and Global SAP Business Lead for Accenture.
dn 169) D'ou l'on concoit que devant ces facheux corollaires, insultes et railleries fassent autant de tapage qu'un petard mouille.