mountain climber

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Noun1.mountain climber - someone who climbs mountainsmountain climber - someone who climbs mountains  
adventurer, venturer - a person who enjoys taking risks
alpinist - a mountain climber who specializes in difficult climbs
climber - someone who climbs as a sport; especially someone who climbs mountains; "the lead climber looked strong still but his partner often slumped in his ropes"
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MOUNTAIN climber Dawson Stelfox makes a valid point about the damage that could be done if Northern Ireland's scenic trails are closed to the public.
The helicopter crew was asked to evacuate a mountain climber, who broke his collar bone in the Enilchek mountains, Issyk-Kul region, at the height of more than 5,000 meters.
Scottish mountain climber Bob Kerr assimilated cosmic radiation readings on an expedition to Everest in May last year, the BBC reported.
As we approach the Easter weekend, a great calorie-killing, chocolate-burning exercise is the mountain climber.
Ibrahim, a mountain climber and a free diver, has previously climbed Gran Paradiso.
Reports from the Tanzania National Parks Authority said the Irish mountain climber was struck by lightning as he led a group of other climbers to conquer AfricaOs highest peak.
It soon became my enemy alongside the mountain climber where I had to pretend to climb a mountain really fast while in a push up stance.
LEADING mountain climber Roger Payne was one of three Britons killed in a "catastrophic" Alpine avalanche yesterday.
A MOUNTAIN climber has been airlifted to hospital after suffering head and leg injuries in a fall.
Death on the mountain: Leyla Esfandiari (photo), a microbiologist and an accomplished mountain climber, was killed last month descending a mountain in Pakistan.
Summary: 127 Hours star James Franco found the perfect way to get into character for his part as real life mountain climber Aron Ralston.
However, the surface is not compatible with the new incline and resembles a Lake District scree field and requires the agility of an ardent mountain climber or a dog.