mountain daisy

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Noun1.mountain daisy - boreal or alpine sandwortmountain daisy - boreal or alpine sandwort    
sandwort - low-growing chiefly perennial plant usually with small white flowers suitable for e.g. rock gardens
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Three pubs also feature - Dun Cow, Londonderry Arms and the evocatively-named Mountain Daisy, all dating from 1902.
Early companies actively involved in mining in the district included the Round Mountain Mining Company, the Round Mountain Daisy Mining Company, the Fairview Round Mountain Mining Company, the Round Mountain Red Top Company, the Round Mountain Sphinx Company, and the Round Mountain Red Antelope Mining Company.
He sired many good offspring, notably the Waterloo Cup semi-finalist Disingue and the prolific Mountain Daisy III, winner of six stakes and divider of another in Ireland in the 1911/1912 season.
The people of Selkirkshire covet the Mountain Pansy,which brings to mind the old Billy Connolly song about Mountain Daisy,but let's notgo there.
ARNICA - Best bought as an extract, cream or salve, arnica, also known as mountain daisy, is great for black eyes, bruises and sprains.
He also wrote " To a Mouse, " "To a Mountain Daisy, " " Sweet Afton, " " Ye Flowery Banks, " " A Red, Red Rose, " Scots, Wha Hae, " John Anderson My Jo, " Auld Lang Syne, and " A Man's a Man for a ' That, " which expresses Burns's democratic opinions.