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Noun1.mouse click - depression of a button on a computer mousemouse click - depression of a button on a computer mouse; "a click on the right button for example"
depression - pushing down; "depression of the space bar on the typewriter"
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Obtaining quotations: Each product page offers the opportunity to request a quotation: After entering the required number of items, the request can be forwarded directly to FIFA by mouse click.
In future, we are sure to see marketing research conducted to show what keywords, which ads, are generating calls and this focus will eclipse the mouse click for certain businesses.
The BIGtrack Trackball has an oversized trackball with left and a right mouse click buttons located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted mouse clicks.
After seeing the word they want, users select it with a single keystroke or mouse click or have the option of hearing the word spoken to help them choose.
If this describes a problem you often face, then read on to find out how to create a spreadsheet that, with a single mouse click, can take you instantly right to the target cell.
SANTA CLARITA - Students seeking help with their homework can find it a mouse click away thanks to a new online service at Santa Clarita's libraries.
RightClick Deployment, is an operating system framework that reduces complex, multi-site desktop migration tasks to one mouse click.
Features include an import pictures wizard and "virtual views" that make sorting images easy, as well as such editing options as a blending brush, the ability to erase unwanted objects with a mouse click, and Gaussian blur.
1 include the export of PDF files with a mouse click, the import and export of all kinds of XML formats, and the export of presentation in flash format.
A mouse click on one of them brings up the full picture--say a Lewis Hine photograph of child laborers or a Degas painting of a New Orleans cotton exchange--in a stunningly high-quality reproduction with a caption on source and context.
com will already be online, we hope that many will take just one more mouse click to visit the American Heart Association's High Blood Pressure Web site--and complete the simple online risk evaluation," noted Mr.
We'll show you how to do the whole job with just a single mouse click.