mouse-eared bat

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Noun1.mouse-eared bat - a carnivorous bat with ears like a mouse
carnivorous bat, microbat - typically having large ears and feeding primarily on insects; worldwide in distribution
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Other species, like the Green Party and UKIP, have more isolated strongholds, such as the greater mouse-eared bat which is known at a single site on the South coast.
New lyssavirus g enotype from the lesser mouse-eared bat (Myotis blythi), Kyrghyzstan.
Selangor, Malaysia, Sept 6, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - Genetic studies of Myotis muricola, otherwise known as the Wall-roosting Mouse-eared bat or Nepalese Whiskered Myotis, suggest that it consists of not one, but two distinct species.
Geographic variation in the Mouse-eared bat Myotis blythii (Chiroptera; Vespertilionidae) in Western Zagross Mts.
Aggressive behaviour of greater mouse-eared bat (Myotis myotis) toward lesser horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus hipposideros) in a hibernaculum.
Jasmund is thought to support a dozen bat species, including the globally threatened greater mouse-eared bat and the nationally endangered Daubenton's bat; OPPOSITE: Jasmund's steep chalk cliffs are its most easily recognisable features--six types of chalk landscape have been identified in the park--and form the largest geological exposure in northern Germany.