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Adj.1.mouse-sized - having the approximate size of a mouse
sized - having a specified size
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They work together to fit Mouse's portrait inside his mouse-sized house.
We asked the city's prospective MPs seven questions which cover important issues, such as saving the green belt, and more light-hearted matters - such as taking on an army of mouse-sized Nigel Farages.
The imposition of arbitrary time limits like those proposed is taking a blunderbuss to a mouse-sized problem.
But children often knock small, smelly, long-tailed bats that villagers call "lolibelo" from trees or roosting spots under roofs and grill the mouse-sized bats over fires.
Mouse-sized Cooper is just one of around 100 felines at the Liverpool Cat Welfare sanctuary, which could be forced to close if it cannot find the PS16,000 it needs to repair the cattery roof.
For instance, in the Cretaceous Period, when the dinosaurs lived, there were mammals, but these were very small, rat and mouse-sized, because dinosaurs occupied the larger ecological niches, Zalasiewicz said.
Rory is not so easily dissuaded and soon enough the entire Stowaway family finds itself embroiled in a mouse-sized adventure bigger than even Rory could ever have imagined.
Children will delight in endearing touches such as Amos's bunny slippers and teddy bear, the penguin's floaties and mismatched socks, a mouse-sized bus stop and a hidden sparrow to find.
Now I think on it, an Imbolc lantern might make a nice garden feature - as long as it's mouse-sized.
The product is called FLO TV and will offer up to 20 channels that will be received through a small mouse-sized antenna mounted on the roof.
The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) yesterday released the first known footage of the long-eared jerboa, which looks like a mouse-sized kangaroo withhuge ears.