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 (mo͞o′tə-nā′) also mou·ton·néed (-nād′)
adj. Geology
Rounded by glacial action into a shape likened to a sheep's back. Used of a rock formation.

[Short for French roche moutonnée : roche, rock + moutonnée, fleecy, past participle of moutonner, to make fleecy (from mouton, sheep; see mouton).]


(Physical Geography) pertaining to a rock formation that has been rounded by the action of glacier
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Tutka LLC-Roche Moutonnee Creek Bridge # 1519 Replacement - Dalton Highway MP 265 Tutka completed replacement of the Roche Moutonnee Creek Bridge at MP 265 of the Dalton Highway in September 2017, reaching substantial completion within the brief summer window afforded by Alaska's northern latitudes.

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