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also move·a·ble  (mo͞o′və-bəl)
1. Possible to move: a movable stove; a movable rock.
2. Varying in date from year to year: a movable holiday.
3. Law Of or relating to personal property (that is, property that can be moved).
1. Something, especially a piece of furniture, that can be moved.
2. movables Law Personal property.

mov′a·bil′i·ty, mov′a·ble·ness n.
mov′a·bly adv.
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Between the horizontal walls of the frame 6 is movably installed a guide rod 7 passing through the central holes of the inductor and the armature.
Pygofer dorsal appendage movably articulated, bifurcate near base, extended beyond pygofer apex, slightly curved downward in lateral view.
Using this method, one of the components is movably based in the device, ensuring the displacement within the particular limited space, while the other is based immovably in locating device and components are pressed to each other applying the particular force.