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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: theatre - a theater where films are shownmovie theatre - a theater where films are shown  
bioscope - a South African movie theater
fleapit - an old shabby movie theater
multiplex - a movie theater than has several different auditoriums in the same building
theater, theatre, house - a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented; "the house was full"
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Beauty and the Beast' will dazzle movie houses on March 17 next year.
The rot started even before the 2011 revolution that ousted longtime dictator Moamer Kadhafi, and has since seen movie houses bolt their doors one after the other.
The new Kourosh Shopping and Cultural Complex, opening July 29 on the western side of Tehran, will add 14 new cinemas, though that will still leave the capital with only half as many movie houses per hundred thousand population as it had before the revolution.
In the early 1980s, single-screen downtown movie houses like the Strand began closing by the thousands nationwide as suburban multiplexes siphoned off customers.
The film is also to be released by Sony Pictures Classics in US movie houses on December 30, in order to make it eligible to run in the Best Director and Best Screenplay categories, the statement said.
Rishikesh has no movie houses, no libraries; Anandpur has no skateboards, no colorful clothing; Dharmasala has no showers, people cooked on gas burners on the floor; Amritsar has no hunger due to The Golden Temple, but poverty was everywhere, and so on.
1994 Australian drag queens spice up the outback and movie houses courtesy of a redecorated motor coach dubbed Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
Labour's Anne Begg, who has used a wheelchair since 1984, told how at two movie houses she was only able to see the main screen.
Festivities were curtailed; wedding parties were postponed until after Lent, even the movie houses closed on Good Friday.
in Hollywood's attempt to combat digital piracy by banning cameras and other recording devices such as image-capturing cell phones in theaters and movie houses.
It was the last of the three Chinatown movie houses to close, and is the only one still in working condition.
and through to the audiences in my mind who were sitting in movie houses all over the country admiring my performances.