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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: making - the production of movies
devising, fashioning, making - the act that results in something coming to be; "the devising of plans"; "the fashioning of pots and pans"; "the making of measurements"; "it was already in the making"
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The news of a Pakistani movie making over a half a million is definitely reason enough to take pride in the country's growing entertainment industry.
In "The Movie Making Book: Skills and Projects to Learn and Share", they draw upon their experience and expertise to provide children ages 7 to 12 with a comprehensive and thoroughly 'kid friendly' instruction manual and guide on how to make their own videos using smartphone technology.
Teaching movie making skills to young ones is a challenge.
The History Of Independent Cinema" is a detailed 301-page compendium of information deftly organized and superbly presented so as to be a comprehensive single volume history of independent film makers, their work, and the evolving technology of movie making from the beginning of cinematography down to the present day.
How about we stop worrying about a drag queen movie making us, "the gays," look bad and start worrying about portraying a complete, rich, character of depth--who happens to pay the rent bringing joy to his community and beyond by donning a gown or two.
Alphabetically arranged and presented An Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Women In Early Films, 1895-1930 is an impressive collection of profiles identifying the women who were important to the development of movie making as an art and as a commercial enterprise.
People are always interested in the old history of movie making in the Antelope Valley.
The pounds 1 2m studio will allow for the total movie making process to take place on Merseyside for the first time, including the final editing of film.
But after more than a quarter century of movie making, why is he staying with the genre?
Its greatest innovation," said the article when describing Ckrush, "has been to imagine movie making as a completely democratic enterprise, eliminating the need for market research by allowing the audience to vote for precisely what it wants.
Salamoff is the complete and deftly written 240-page guide covering every important detail of the movie making business.
McClure could not estimate how much money filming brings to Ventura County, but said movie making is happening across the region as cities attract production companies looking for sites.