movie projector

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: projector - projects successive frames from a reel of film to create moving picturesmovie projector - projects successive frames from a reel of film to create moving pictures
bioscope - a kind of early movie projector
lamp house, lamp housing, lamphouse - housing that holds a lamp (as in a movie projector)
projector - an optical instrument that projects an enlarged image onto a screen
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In actuality any comparison between an electron microscope and a movie projector basically ends with the on button.
Magic lanterns, if you didn't realise, are the forerunner to the movie projector, using pictures painted on to sheets of glass, a lens and a light.
With interchangeable backs that transform the phone in a snap, you can turn the Moto Z and Z Play into a movie projector, a boombox, a zoom camera and much more.
Thepet friendly condo has a 24-hour attended lobby, iLounge business center and common outdoor garden terrace with a Viking grill and outdoor movie projector.
Then, the visiting surgeon flipped the controls and adjusted the volume on a 16-mm movie projector.
He goes on to write about the cotton gin, the telegraph, the telephone, the movie projector, the automobile, the airplane, and the television.
Once a dance hall and a cinema, the hall remains a gathering point for local people FILM is still loaded into the motionless movie projector, the 1960s-style seats lie empty ready to be occupied and the unused ice cream kiosk looks as inviting as it did decades ago.
During my Educational Technology course at University I had to master such complex tasks as creating a series of overheads, threading a filmstrip projector and even learning how to operate a 16mm movie projector.
The Western movie has been a part of American culture for over a century, almost since the invention of the movie projector.
Something that has stopped many visitors in the tent is the oldest reel movie projector traced back to more than 75 years.
In a consciously old-fashioned installation, the film is shown on the wall, using a small movie projector.