movie star

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: star - a star who plays leading roles in the cinemamovie star - a star who plays leading roles in the cinema
movie actor, screen actor - an actor who plays a role in a film
principal, star, lead - an actor who plays a principal role
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The Boxcar Children: The Movie Star Mystery is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of the 69th installment of the classic, long-running Boxcar Children mystery series for young adults, created by Gertrude Chandler Warner (1890-1979).
We've had Kim Kardashian the X-rated movie star (Hiya, Ray J
The man who organised the London 2012 opening ceremony said she agreed to take part because it was so informal, and because she wanted to give her staff a day out with a movie star, the Sun reported.
Once her letter was written and mailed, she wondered what would happen if this movie star replied, and so the the story of “The Letter” began.
CLINTON Woods has vowed to give part-time movie star Antonio Tarver a brutal reality check this month, warning the man who beat Rocky Balboa in the latest instalment of the Rocky franchise: "There's no script in professional boxing.
Theodora Twist, a 16-year-old movie star, stupidly blows her "virginal" image by making out in public with the twin brothers with whom she is actually sleeping.
Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making Of A Movie Star provides an candid, informative, and intensely personal autobiography by one of Hollywood's biggest names: and here Tab speaks out for the first time about what it was like to be a movie star around 1950, when he was first 'discovered' by an agent.
This cartoonist compares Schwarzenegger previous experiences as a movie star to his current role as Governor.
SIR - Movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger is now Governor of California.
When the new special Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star premieres on Turner Classic Movies on August 1, Joan's daughter Christina Crawford won't be watching.