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One that makes movies, especially professionally.

mov′ie·mak′ing adj. & n.


someone who makes cinema films


(ˈfɪlmˌmeɪ kər)

a producer or director of motion pictures.
film′mak`ing, n.
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org Little Bleeders Junior Moviemaker (Theme: Monsters) | November 1, 1pm-3pm | Watch and discuss a selection of monster-themed short films with Tom Betts, and also see your own efforts on screen.
The Festival's homepage Moviemaker Blog features behind-the-scene narratives by the indie filmmakers participating in the contest.
The two films will be shown as part of MovieMaker, an evening of independent film at Chapter Arts Centre on Monday.
Worldwide Computer Products News-1 September 2009-Optibase releases new MovieMaker H.
IT WILL be a case of lights, camera, action when a Hollywood moviemaker rolls into a Midland town to shoot a science fiction film.
The e-book provides tutorials on creating movies with AutoCAD, and then editing them with the free MovieMaker software included with Windows XP and Vista.
Some people complain that Almodovar is not the moviemaker he once was, that he has changed and darkened as much as the world around him.
Thanks to the surprising success of An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's new career as a moviemaker is well and truly under way.
moviemaker Morgan Spurlock got an Oscar nomination for his work in Super Size Me, a film in which he criticizes the disastrous health consequences that stem from the growing love of fast food in his home country.
The recent in-flight BWIA magazine hailed India's Harbance (Mickey) Kumar as the pioneer and the most successful moviemaker in the West Indies.
Rowe, a prolific moviemaker with a career spanning numerous credits ranging from episodic television to features, says he "wanted to make a documentary that is as populist as possible.
Ellis profiles some of the dinosaurs that moviemaker Steven Spielberg didn't bring to life-those that swam the ancient oceans, including ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, pliosaurs, and mosasaurs.