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Noun1.moving van - a van used for moving home or office furnituremoving van - a van used for moving home or office furniture
pantechnicon - a large moving van (especially one used for moving furniture)
van - a truck with an enclosed cargo space
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The bridegroom and many others jumped out of the moving van, however, six others including Munir Ahmad, Mohammad Bashir and others received burn injuries.
Supply of 8 hr moving van with liftgate and 7490 kg gross weight.
A BUILDER has spoken of his brush with death after being flung from a moving van onto a busy dual carriageway.
District Judge Barney McElholm heard the woman had jumped from a moving van to escape McDonagh's alleged attack.
Michael Kevin Renney, 25, shone the light into the skies, hitting the cockpit of the helicopter, from the passenger seat of a moving van at 2.
Altogether nine people were in the moving van when the rock, weighing about a tonne and about half a cubic meter in size,.
A BIRMINGHAM market trader is facing prison after a prostitute died in a fall from his moving van.
A MAN has died after apparently falling off a moving van.
A woman who let her teenage daughter lean out of a moving van to take beer from a vehicle driving alongside on a Nebraska highway has been arrested.
The funniest thing that I saw this morning when I woke up was they televised the moving van literally pulling up, and they followed the moving van down the street as he moved his stuff out.
A moving van carrying the Baltimore Colts' equipment leaves Baltimore for Indianapolis in the middle of the night in March 1984.
On September 11, after a moving van delivered furniture to a neighbor's home, Oscar crept unnoticed into the parked van shortly before the driver, Californian Vince Simon, closed the door and drove away.