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 (mŏt′sə-rĕl′ə, mōt′-)
A mild white Italian cheese that has a springy texture and is often eaten melted, as on pizza.

[Italian, diminutive of mozza, a cut, mozzarella, from mozzare, to cut off, from mozzo, mutilated, from Vulgar Latin *mutius, from Latin mutilis.]


(Cookery) a moist white Italian curd cheese made originally from buffalo milk
[from Italian, diminutive of mozza a type of cheese, from mozzare to cut off]


(ˌmɒt səˈrɛl lə, ˌmoʊt-)

a mild, white, semisoft Italian cheese.
[1910–15; < Italian mozza a kind of cheese, n. derivative of mozzare to cut off, v. derivative of mozzo lopped, docked < Vulgar Latin *mutium, for Latin mutilus]
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Noun1.mozzarella - mild white Italian cheese
cheese - a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk


[ˌmɒtsəˈrelə] Nmozzarella f
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This type of mozzarella is low in fat and has a firm but moist texture.
4) Top the slices of bread with the tomatoes and season with salt and black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil before serving with balls of mozzarella and slices of Parma ham.
Pizza favourites including The Classic American (pepperoni and mozzarella PS9.
The national pretzel bakery, known for being a leader in product innovation, announces the launch of Mozzarella Stuffed Bites.
INGREDIENTS 100g cherry tomatoes 150g pack mini mozzarella balls, drained Handful of basil 400g green tagliatelle 350g jar tomato sauce 4tbsp fresh pesto METHOD HALVE the cherry tomatoes and use a small, sharp knife or a teaspoon to remove the seeds.
20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Mozzarella Cheese Markets 2014" report to their offering.
Italian manufacturer Gruppo Francia has reduced the packaging weight of Aldi's private label 'Cucina' mozzarella cheese by half, after switching to the SuperLight pot from RPC Superfos.
For the starter I went with the bruchetta con pesto di rucola e mozzarella which is a grilled chiapatta bread topped with rocket pesto sauce, mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes -- a perfect opener to an Italian meal.
The mozzarella cheese will add to your daily calcium and protein supply.
Sawaba' mozzarella mahamara -- Fried Mozzarella sticks
The contracting authority is seeking a framework arrangement with one or more suppliers for the supply of frozen pizza bases and the supply of mozzarella and cheddar cheese grated mix topping.