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Noun1.msasa - small shrubby African tree having compound leaves and racemes of small fragrant green flowers
Brachystegia, genus Brachystegia - small genus of tropical African timber trees having pale golden heartwood uniformly striped with dark brown or black:
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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TZM has acquired Twigg's 75% interest in the Igurubi Project and Twigg's 90% interest in the Msasa Project for a consideration of CAD $350,000 and 7 million common shares upon completing its due diligence on both projects and reaching a definitive agreement.
The following are some of the questions that helped me to solicit answers from some representatives from Msasa project in 2001: When was Msasa project established?
These included Crossing the Boundary Fence (1988) by Patricia Chater; Friend Billy and the Msasa Avenue Three (1989) by Margaret Gloria Mucheri, to name but a few.
Frye said that in Africa, the trees often had different common names in the different provinces: oakume and achit in Nigeria; meblo in the Ivory Coast; Zebrano in Gabon; Amouk in the Cameroons; and mjombo, mtondo, msasa, mafash, muputu, miombo, mienzi, molo, mtundo, mundu, and lohumbo in Tanganyika and Rhodesia.
Schoolchildren playing a hand game at the Msasa Primary School, a Save the Children Sponsorship School.