much as

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much as

However much: Much as she needed the job, she had to refuse.
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Adv.1.much as - in a similar waymuch as - in a similar way      
مع أن، بالرَّغْمِ مِن
hvor meget end
bármennyire ... is
jafnvel òó ... òá
bez toho, aby
iyice ...-meme rağmen


(matʃ) comparative more (moː) : superlative most (moust) adjective
a (great) amount or quantity of. This job won't take much effort; I found it without much difficulty; How much sugar is there left?; There's far too much salt in my soup; He ate so much ice-cream that he was sick; Take as much money as you need; After much discussion they decided to go.
a large amount; a great deal. He didn't say much about it; Much of this trouble could have been prevented; Did you eat much?; not much; too much; as much as I wanted; How much did you eat?; Only this/that / so much; How much is (= What is the price of) that fish?; Please tidy your room – it isn't much to ask.
1. (by) a great deal; (by) far. She's much prettier than I am; He isn't much older than you; How much further must we walk?; much more easily; He's much the best person to ask.
2. to a great extent or degree. He will be much missed; We don't see her much; I thanked her very much; much too late; I've much too much to do; The accident was as much my fault as his. Much to my dismay, she began to cry.
be not much of a
to be not a very good thing of a particular kind. I'm not much of a photographer; That wasn't much of a lecture.
be not up to much
to be not very good. The dinner wasn't up to much.
be too much for
to overwhelm; to be too difficult etc for. Is the job too much for you?
make much of
1. to make a fuss of (a person) or about (a thing).
2. to make sense of; to understand. I couldn't make much of the film.
much as
although. Much as I should like to come, I can't.
much the same
not very different. The patient's condition is still much the same.
nothing much
nothing important, impressive etc. `What are you doing?' `Nothing much.'
not much
nothing important, impressive etc. My car isn't much to look at but it's fast.
so much for
that's all that can be said about. So much for that – let's talk about something else; He arrived half an hour late – so much for his punctuality!
think too much of
to have too high an opinion of. He thinks too much of himself.
without so much as
without even. He took my umbrella without so much as asking.

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