mucic acid

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mu·cic acid

An organic acid, C6H10O8, often derived from milk sugar.

mucic acid

(Elements & Compounds) a colourless crystalline solid carboxylic acid found in milk sugar and used in the manufacture of pyrrole. Formula: C4H4(OH)4(COOH)2
[C19: mucic, from French mucique; see mucus, -ic]

mu′cic ac′id

(ˈmyu sɪk)
a white, crystalline powder, C6H10O8, obtained by the oxidation of lactose and used in organic synthesis.
[1830–40; < French mucique; see mucus, -ic]
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Noun1.mucic acid - a solid acid (C6H10O8) found in milk or sugar
carboxylic acid - an organic acid characterized by one or more carboxyl groups
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