muck pile

muck´ pile`

    (mŭk´ pīl`)
n.1.(Construction) The broken material at the face of a tunnel being bored, after being crushed by blasting.
2.(Mining) Muck{5} that has been placed in a spoil area.
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Some are even offering new battery-powered units that can compete with diesel-powered units as far as breakout in the muck pile.
There are a number of cost-effective uses for drones to improve blast optimization, including profiling and blast design, pre- and post-blast analysis, in situ and blasted volumes, and muck pile cross sections and uniformity.
There are many ways to break these boulders with explosives; however, it is always better to break the boulders in the blast or prevent these boulders from forming during the blasting process rather than having to break them in the muck pile after the blast.
While shooting with the dip back break increases, toe problem decreases resulting in a smooth floor and throw of the blast increases resulting in scattered and low muck pile (Figure 1a).
Farmer Christopher Hanks on top of his cow muck pile, which is going to be burned to generate energy
Following the discovery of the 29 manto extension, the first raise has been driven into the 29 manto extension with a total of six samples from the muck pile returning values which averaged 17 grams per tonne gold and 355 grams per tonne silver.
THERE I was, doing the grand tour of the horses' paddock complete with barrow and poo shovel on my way towards the muck pile when Murphy, Ruth's favourite horse, came galloping up in search of solace.
Shotcrete was then applied to several areas upstream of the cave-in, including the face of the muck pile at the cave-in, and spiling bars were driven in the crown from springline to springline for additional support.
It is almost certain the muck pile made my children sick.
And another shift we laughed ourselves through eight hours of heart-breaking work was the time Big Mike Dopudja turned on the air pump suddenly behind Fat Joe Cyczicki who, normally as slow and clumsy as an ox, clambered up his life line with the agility of a chimpanzee when he imagined the sudden noise was the muck pile giving away.
Then he should check the muck pile, the chunks of fallen rock, for any sign of misfired explosives.
Reaching deeper hole depths than predecessor Cat rigs, the MD6310 better matches specific drill and blast requirements when working with electric rope shovels or other loading tools that require a tall and steep muck pile, the company reported.