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n. pl. mu·cro·nes (myo͞o-krō′nēz)
A sharp, pointed part or organ, especially a sharp terminal point, as of a leaf or shell.

[Latin mūcrō, mūcrōn-, sharp point.]


n, pl mucrones (mjuːˈkrəʊniːz)
(Biology) biology a short pointed projection from certain parts or organs, as from the tip of a leaf
[C17: from Latin mūcrō point]


(ˈmyu kroʊ)

n., pl. mu•cro•nes (myuˈkroʊ niz)
an abruptly projecting point, as at the end of a leaf or feather.
[1640–50; < New Latin, Latin mucrō point]
mu′cro•nate (-krə nɪt, -ˌneɪt) mu′cro•nat`ed, adj.
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A sharp or tapered end:
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5mm; broadly obcampanulate, nearly as wide as long; upper leaf narrowly lanceolate; lateral and central leaves broadly obtuse with mucro nulate tips; plants of forests H.
Mucro with teeth similar in size, and with mucronal spine reaching the tip of subapical tooth.
2E), mucro central, somewhat swollen although not prominent, antemucronal slope slightly convex, postmucronal slope slightly concave just behind the mucro (Fig.
The leaves are simple, triangular, succulent, thick, with narrow lanceolate mucro tip, 30-60cm long, and 5-12cm wide at the base and 0.
Flowers 27-35 mm long, sessile, densely and polystichously arranged, erect, odorless; sepals oblong-subobovate, asymmetric with the lateral membranous wing distinctly shorter than the apical mucro, 14 x 6-7 mm, apex obtuse, bearing a mucro ca.
Plate growth proceeds anteriorly and laterally from the posterior apex of the head and intermediate plates and anteriorly, laterally, and posteriorly from the area of the mucro in the tail plate.
con chi ne la man' dextra un' mucro tiene e nella mancha ha le bilanze in guarda.
revolute, apex broadly rounded with very short, upcurved mucro.
Mucro serrated in both lamellae, at least partially (Fig.
The position of the mucro (the "apex" in Hedley's description) is dorsal in C.
5-3 mm long, brown apical mucro, densely white-lepidote, thickly coriaceous except for the menbranaceous, whitishhyaline lateral wing, lilac at apex and on the apical-central portion, greenish toward the base, ecarinate, connate at base for 1-1.