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n. pl. mu·cro·nes (myo͞o-krō′nēz)
A sharp, pointed part or organ, especially a sharp terminal point, as of a leaf or shell.

[Latin mūcrō, mūcrōn-, sharp point.]


n, pl mucrones (mjuːˈkrəʊniːz)
(Biology) biology a short pointed projection from certain parts or organs, as from the tip of a leaf
[C17: from Latin mūcrō point]


(ˈmyu kroʊ)

n., pl. mu•cro•nes (myuˈkroʊ niz)
an abruptly projecting point, as at the end of a leaf or feather.
[1640–50; < New Latin, Latin mucrō point]
mu′cro•nate (-krə nɪt, -ˌneɪt) mu′cro•nat`ed, adj.
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A sharp or tapered end:
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Mucro bidentate, apical tooth longer than basal tooth; basal spine smooth, reaching basal tooth.
The length of the mucro in mucronate glumes usually decreases towards the top of the spikelet (Goetghebeur, 1998).
Aerobic yeasts and fungi, which are able to grow in anaerobic conditions, may colonize the rumen, including the species of the genera Aspergillus, Mucro and Sporormia (Orpin & Joblin, 1997).
Alioquin aduersus temeritatem tuam sancti spiritus iudicio beati Petri mucro deseuiet.
2E), mucro central, somewhat swollen although not prominent, antemucronal slope slightly convex, postmucronal slope slightly concave just behind the mucro (Fig.
heliotropioides in having sepals tipped with a purple mucro and relatively short petals, but the mericarp does not resemble either M.
5 mm de la longitud de la primera espina; carinas longitudinales ventral y lateral de la metatibia bien representadas, lateroventral y dorsomesal tenues; mucro de aproximadamente 0.
Gallo canente spes redit, aegris salus refunditur, mucro latronis conditus, lapsis fides revertitur.
wagneri en la provincia biogeografica Chaquena, en Tucuman y Santiago del Estero hay una zona de contacto entre ambas unidades biogeograficas, donde coexisten ambas especies y hay algunos ejemplares con caracteristicas intermedias, particularmente con relacion al tamano del mucro.
5 (4) cm wide, elliptic-oblong, basally cordate, apically acute to obtuse through the loss of the mucro, with revolute margins and 2 or 3 small hypophyllous glands per side 3-5 mm from the margin and usually only visible with a hand lens; midvein obscure above, subprominent below, the lateral veins obscure on both surfaces or subprominent below.