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From 2007 to 2010 he led an international team that showed that the Lusi mud volcano in Indonesia was almost certainly triggered by conventional gas drilling activity rather than being a natural disaster.
Witnesses also report water bubbles containing an inflammable gas and dead fish, which supports the mud volcano theory.
The end may be near for an erupting mud volcano that has wreaked havoc in Indonesia.
Highlighting the important features of the park, the sources informed it is comprised of both dry and coastal areas besides having Active Mud Volcano.
East Java President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Monday visited a disaster zone caused by a massive mud volcano blamed on gas drilling and said it could be turned into a tourist attraction.
Some specific subjects examined are airborne magnetic surveys and 3D magnetic modeling of active volcanoes in Japan, the use of a statistical multiparameter approach for the joint interpretation of multiple physical property 3D earth models, episodic magma supply eruption style and eruption frequency estimated from long-term geodetic measurements, catastrophic volcanic sector collapses in Japan, mud volcano systems, solidification behavior of natural silicate melts and volcanological implications, and preliminary assessment of volcanic and hydrothermal hazards in Yellowstone National Park and vicinity.
For two years, a giant mud volcano in the Sidoarjo district of East Java, Indonesia has wreaked havoc on the local population.
Drilling of a gas exploration well Co not an earthquake Co caused the eruption of a mud volcano on the Indonesian island of Java, a team of international scientists has concluded.
THE world's fastest growing mud volcano is collapsing and could subside, with consequences for the surrounding environment, according to research from North East academics.
To date, biological samples have been collected from 18 of these mud volcanoes, but living mussels are only known from the Darwin mud volcano (1,115 m), which is covered by large carbonate slabs and crusts.