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Adj.1.mud-brick - of or incorporating mud bricks
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The seasonal storms damaged or destroyed mud-brick homes, shops, hospitals, schools, and roads at Laayoune, Boujdour, Awserd, Smara, and Dakhla camps, housing thousands of Sahrawi refugees.
As a result, traditional Sahrawi tents and mud-brick homes, as well as other infrastructure, have been destroyed and damaged.
Both mounds have been dug by the local farmers exposing the plan of the houses and streets, however, the mud-brick walls have escaped complete destruction.
The toll is expected to rise further as rescue teams dig through the rubble of countless flattened mud-brick homes.
The epicentre was in a remote area 50km north of Awaran city, where many people live in mud-brick homes rather than concrete buildings.
An estimated 100,000 Nuba live slightly better-off in Jaborona's rough mud-brick houses spread across a vast expanse of sand.
In addition, the mud-brick structures act as a sponge and are commonly wet.
Being the sad surveyor that I am, I found myself examining old mud-brick houses with defective render and reflecting on a problem I was asked to comment on before I left home.
FORGOTTEN NATION J The mud-brick and stone remains of a castle, above, built by the Garamantes civilisation, and a satellite image of one of the villages
A Yemeni security official had said their car was found on the road some 20 kilometres (12 miles) from Shibam, a city known as the "Manhattan of the Desert" because of its spectacular high-rise mud-brick buildings.
Local administrator Akbar Hussain Durrani says about 35 mud-brick homes were damaged in Baluchistan province.
Further south, arid plains studded with mud-brick villages stretch into the horizon, while the haunting deserts remain little changed since biblical times.