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1. Mentally confused.
2. Inept; blundering.

mud′dle-head′ed·ness n.
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[ˈmʌdlˌhɛdɪd] adj (person) → confusionario/a; (ideas) → confuso/a


(ˈmadl) verb
to confuse or mix up. Don't talk while I'm counting, or you'll muddle me.
a state of confusion. These papers keep getting in a muddle.
ˈmuddled adjective
muddled thinking.
ˈmuddle-headed adjective
incapable of clear thinking. Men think that all women are muddle-headed.
muddle along/through
to progress in spite of one's unsatisfactory methods and foolish mistakes.
muddle up
to confuse (eg two different things). I'm always muddling the twins up; I've muddled up these book orders.
References in classic literature ?
The advocates of the tinder-box-and-pedlar view considered the other side a muddle-headed and credulous set, who, because they themselves were wall-eyed, supposed everybody else to have the same blank outlook; and the adherents of the inexplicable more than hinted that their antagonists were animals inclined to crow before they had found any corn--mere skimming-dishes in point of depth--whose clear-sightedness consisted in supposing there was nothing behind a barn-door because they couldn't see through it; so that, though their controversy did not serve to elicit the fact concerning the robbery, it elicited some true opinions of collateral importance.
My own conviction is, that this muddle-headed local police-officer is as much in the dark as ever, and is simply trying to gain time.
As Jesus himself says in The Brunist Day of Wrath (if it is he, and not a lunatic with a Christ parapathy), "Along come mad Paul, the unscrupulous evangelist scribblers, the Patmos wild man, the remote muddle-headed church fathers, so called, plus a few ruthless tyrants and you've got a powerhouse world religion.
A group event seems to have been organised by a group of muddle-headed dreamers.
There are contradictions at the heart of the club and Ashley's muddle-headed approach condemns the Magpies to never be more than a few weeks or months from the next "crisis.
That is nonsense for these letters are nothing but an incentive for the future's fanatics, whatever their muddle-headed cause might be, to blithely spill the blood of others.
Weld has been unforgiving on "the Common Core approach,'' saying that it "looks to me like an apology for muddle-headed mediocrity.
It's a notion - that idea of respectability making a family deserving - that's largely gone out of fashion in these tediously muddle-headed, non-judgmental days.
It may be merely an exercise in muddle-headed economics, or a corrupt scheme benefiting who knows whom.
ca) and heartily endorse SoCon-or-Bust for its satirical barbs directed at muddle-headed socialists (socon.
This will then be the final Pyrrhic victory of the Welsh Labour establishment, whose every action and policy has the opposite effect of its muddle-headed intent.
WHAT muddle-headed mean-spiritedness it is to suggest that Britain's bank holidays "cost the economy pounds 18 billion".