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A series of symbolic body postures and hand movements used in South Asian classical dancing or art.

[Sanskrit mudrā, seal, mystery, mudra, from Iranian *mudrā, perhaps ultimately from Akkadian musarû, mušarû, object bearing a royal inscription, from Sumerian mu-sar : mu, name, fame + sar, to write.]


(Hinduism) any of various ritual hand movements in Hindu religious dancing
[Sanskrit, literally: sign, token]



n., pl. -dras.
any of various hand gestures used in Hindu or Buddhist prayer or in classical Indian dance.
[1805–15; < Skt mudrā sign]
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Noun1.mudra - ritual hand movement in Hindu religious dancingmudra - ritual hand movement in Hindu religious dancing
gesture - motion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling
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Jnana mudra (el mudra de la sabiduria) "El principal objetivo del yoga es conseguir que la humanidad y la conciencia cosmica formen una unidad.
Under martial rule and under the watchful eyes of marshals all our legislators should be subjected to Surya namaskar for fifteen minutes before the day's session to put some sense into them and be taught the right way of practising a few meditation mudras like anjali mudra (prayer seal), dyani mudra, (empty bowl seal) bhairava mudra (doble hand bowl seal), chinmaya mudra (thumb-finger curl seal) and adi mudra (fist seal) etc.
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