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A series of symbolic body postures and hand movements used in South Asian classical dancing or art.

[Sanskrit mudrā, seal, mystery, mudra, from Iranian *mudrā, perhaps ultimately from Akkadian musarû, mušarû, object bearing a royal inscription, from Sumerian mu-sar : mu, name, fame + sar, to write.]


(Hinduism) any of various ritual hand movements in Hindu religious dancing
[Sanskrit, literally: sign, token]



n., pl. -dras.
any of various hand gestures used in Hindu or Buddhist prayer or in classical Indian dance.
[1805–15; < Skt mudrā sign]
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Noun1.mudra - ritual hand movement in Hindu religious dancingmudra - ritual hand movement in Hindu religious dancing
gesture - motion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling
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Beautiful scenery from locations such as the Greek island of Santorini and New Mexico's White Sands National Park provides a wonderful backdrop, as Shiva guides the viewer through basic breathing, mental focus, mudra (hand gestures), and mantra techniques.
The anjali mudra, for example, is like the 'namaste' of a yoga class, with the palms and fingertips together, pointing towards the sky--a symbol of respect," she says.
Synopsis: Originating in Hinduism and Buddhism, a mudra is a sacred gestures of the hands and body to energize the sexual organs, increase libido, enhance pleasure, and improve overall health.
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