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One who makes malicious charges and otherwise attempts to discredit an opponent, as in a political campaign.

mud′sling′ing n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) casting malicious slurs on an opponent, esp in politics
ˈmudˌslinger n


(ˈmʌdˌslɪŋ ɪŋ)

efforts to discredit one's opponent by malicious or scandalous attacks.
mud′sling`er, n.
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An attempt to destroy someone's reputation:


[ˈmʌdˌslɪŋɪŋ] Ninjurias fpl
there won't be any mudslinging in this campaignno habrá ataques personales en esta campaña
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You may call it as you like, but there should be the result of an unbiased investigation," Peskov told reporters, "As there is no such investigation any accusations are nothing but mudslinging," he said.
I am not such a person who starts raining false allegations, mudslinging on others.
Representatives from political parties in a panel discussion organized by the Bhutan Democracy Dialogue in Thimphu almost over a month ago smugly vowed to refrain from corrupt practices and mudslinging to achieve their political goal.
The PMLN has taken the burden of developing neglected Dir districts while the PTI government in KP was busy in mudslinging against the opponents.
Earlier, in a veiled jibe at political arch-rivals particularly Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), the Punjab CM said: 'While the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has earned respect by serving the masses, a politician leading a party remained involved in mudslinging.
The issue stems from an ongoing bitter political mudslinging between India's two biggest political parties: the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Indian National Congress.
Referring to media reports, the agency further claimed that Maryam Nawaz had set up a media cell in Pakistan allegedly involved in a mudslinging campaign against state institutions which she later shifted to Dubai.
Peping] is mudslinging to cover up his unaccounted funds,' said Fernandez, saying Cojuangco has at least P65 million in unaccounted funds.
KUWAIT -- The Minister of Information issues a Ministerial Resolution stipulating total ban on primaries, tit-for-tat mudslinging among hopefuls for parliamentary seats or granting "financial incentives" for voters.
Summary: The Bekaa tragedy Thursday was a stark reminder of where politicians' focus and full energy should be exerted instead of their typical mudslinging and theatrics.
Apparently the mudslinging between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has become pretty bad.
For us, he is no more than a common sycophant, and we shall no longer deal with his mudslinging and lies," he added.