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1. A person who acts independently or remains neutral, especially in politics.
2. often Mugwump A Republican who bolted the party in 1884, refusing to support presidential candidate James G. Blaine.

[Massachusett mugguomp, mummugguomp, war leader.]

mug′wump′er·y n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) US a neutral or independent person, esp in politics
[C19: from Algonquian: great chief, from mogki great + -omp man]
ˈmugˌwumpery, ˈmugˌwumpism n
ˈmugˌwumpish adj



1. a Republican who refused to support the party nominee, James G. Blaine, in the presidential campaign of 1884.
2. a person who takes an independent position.
[1830–35, Amer.; artificial 19th-century revival of Massachusett (E sp.) mugquomp, syncopated form of muggumquomp war leader]


A person who remains independent or neutral in politics.
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Noun1.Mugwump - someone who bolted from the Republican Party during the U.S. presidential election of 1884
pol, political leader, politico, politician - a person active in party politics
2.mugwump - a neutral or uncommitted person (especially in politics)mugwump - a neutral or uncommitted person (especially in politics)
political science, politics, government - the study of government of states and other political units
individualist - a person who pursues independent thought or action


[ˈmʌgwʌmp] N (US) → votante mf independiente


n (US Pol) → Unabhängige(r) mf
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People find the Gummi Bill packaging including humorous graphics as intriguing as the candy is tasty, according to Munchak, who gave up his job as a copywriter to devote more time to his new company, Mugwump Creations.
The Lowland Hundred, Tim Noble and Paul Newland, with record label boss Jonny Mugwump, centre
The relaxing rose ritual lasted for two hours and I left the spa feeling stress-free - LIZ LAMB FASHION FAUX PAS WIN A pounds 25 VOUCHER MUM-of-one Catherine Shaw, of Durham, has shared a photograph of her taken in 1972 sporting a dress she bought at The Mugwump boutique, which still exists in the city today.
CAIRO: Harry Potter fans revere the wisdom of Professor Albus Dumbledore, headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards.
uk The Mugwump, 37 Saddler Street, Durham A wide range of carefully sourced gifts is displayed over three floors in a listed building.
Well, in politics and religion, I am not a mugwump, sitting on the fence with my mug on one side and my wump on the other.
This reader would have placed more emphasis on the political rottenness in a number of places--for Indiana was far from the worst example and, indeed, as Calhoun implies, was likely to have gone for Harrison even with the two parties competing with Mugwump scrupulousness.
Indeed, he recognizes that Progressivism, rooted in Mugwump politics of the late-1800s, emphasized regulation of parties and has been a driving force behind campaign finance regulation both before and after the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) was enacted, and amended primarily in the 1970s.
SO FAREWELL then, to Mr David Charters, Greatest Living Birkonian, Bard of Bidston Hill, masterly feature writer and Daily Post eminent mugwump.
A mugwump Republican in his early career, he shifted to the Democrats in 1884 but abandoned the party when it supported William Jennings Bryan and the Free Silver movement--a position he considered economically unsound.
Examples of terms: sobriquet, polyglot, positivism, mugwump, ipso facto, chicanery, and zaftig.
Originating out of mugwump efforts against the urban machine, the Progressive-era anti-vice movement included such well-known figures as John D.