mule driver

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Noun1.mule driver - a worker who drives mulesmule driver - a worker who drives mules    
laborer, labourer, manual laborer, jack - someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor
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Marija had learned to scatter her conversation with as many oaths as a longshoreman or a mule driver.
As the other officer tossed his fingers toward his cap and wheeling his horse, started away, the general called out to him in a sober voice: "I don't believe many of your mule drivers will get back.
Baritone Marc Barrard as the burly mule driver Ramiro is convincing, but uses too much vibrato and stands alone from the rest of the cast in this respect.
There is something of interest to be found in most cities of the world if one looks hard enough, but in Cairo fascination is everywhere: in the eager faces of shopkeepers and street vendors around the Khan El Khalili; in the concentration of the mule driver negotiating his cart load of sugar cane through three lanes of traffic on an arterial highway; in the smells of delicious local dishes emanating from the restaurants and cafes that spill onto every sidewalk.
It doesn't hear the mule driver and looks for its own food.
Mule skinner is slang for a mule driver, best known today from folk song.
1) and Landscape with a Mule Driver, both of around 1652, make Slive's point abundantly clear.
Not that the 67-year-old Neel, a retired Eugene architect and world champion mule driver, really knows what's going on inside the heads of the 1,500-pound animals that are, literally, half ass and half horse.
And it's the safest vehicle on the road, as no one in Miguel's memory has ever been killed by a hit-and-run mule driver.
The Mule Driver," another Molano character, describes the gamble taken by the "mules" who transport cocaine on airlines.
Besides this reference to Plutarch, the only other "classical" name Harris used--besides Remus's own name, doubtless derived from the Romulus and Remus legend--is that of Uncle Plato, a mule driver.
Toronto-based baritone Elliot Maclore (looking suitably Spanish in his beret and four-day stubble) takes on the central role of Ramiro, the rough and rustic mule driver who enters the shop of clockmaker Torque-mada (Swiss tenor Francois Piolino) to have his watch repaired.