mule fat

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Noun1.mule fat - California shrub with slender leafy shoots that are important browse for mule deer
Baccharis, genus Baccharis - shrubs of western hemisphere often having honey-scented flowers followed by silky thistlelike heads of tiny fruits; often used for erosion control
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Linton, whose guide ``Down by the Los Angeles River'' will be published next month, conducts tours of such pristine sections as the Sepulveda Basin, where the river - the only section devoid of concrete - follows a natural course flanked by willows, mule fat and nonnative bamboo.
Skei said that as early as next week hillsides could start showing signs of laurel sumac blooms where once sage and mule fat grew.
The Rundown'' hired national environmental services firm AMEC to plant 360 shrubs, including mule fat, narrow-leaf willow and black sage.