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n. Informal
A driver of mules; a muleteer.
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As the single sustainment brigade in theater, the 10th Sustainment Brigade, Task Force Muleskinner, would conduct its core mission of tactical sustainment and distribution by providing mission command for three task-organized combat sustainment support battalions (CSSBs) and one special troops battalion.
Task Force Muleskinner maintained supplies for the operation, conducting convoy and airdrop operations to the site.
The platoon of IA military police and one squad with an attachment of Iraqi emergency police conducted a cordon-and-knock operation in the southern portion of the Sarai neighboorhood and throughout 9 kilometers of Muleskinner battlespace to the south of the city.
The appreciative ears of Dylan were drawn to her performances on songs such as Muleskinner Blues, Jack O' Diamonds and He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, which were also taken up by young skifflers in England.
When the weather turns really sour, slip the Muleskinner Vest on over your other layers.
During July and August 2006, Combined/Joint Task Force (CJTF)-76, under the lead of Task Force Muleskinner, Joint Logistics Command, planned and executed a reconstitution.
1999 - A collaboration with Van Morrison resulted in Lonnie's first album release in 20 years, Muleskinner Blues.
John Wilkin of the Times Leader arrived in Iraq in late February, as embeds with the 109th Field Artillery Bravo Battery in Baghdad's Camp Muleskinner.
Rowan moved to San Francisco's Bay Area and joined the seminal Seatrain for two albums in 1970 and '71, before leaving to play with Jerry Garcia and David Grisman's bluegrass group Old & In The Way, also joining Grisman, Clarence White and Richard Greene in Muleskinner.
But, no, says Custer, Jack shall serve as a muleskinner.
The Muleskinner, tried to ask the school's Board of Governors about the retirement package, the school's attorney told them not to bother the board.
Our Muleskinner brand, is made from the overripe cherries, we don't want to use these in our washed coffee so we don't pulp them.