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mull 1

tr.v. mulled, mull·ing, mulls
To heat and spice (wine, for example).

[Origin unknown.]

mull 2

v. mulled, mull·ing, mulls
To think about extensively; ponder.
To ruminate; ponder: mull over a plan.

[Probably Middle English mollen, mullen, to moisten, crumble; see moil.]

mull 3

A soft thin muslin used in dresses and for trimmings.

[Short for mulmull, from Hindi malmal.]


An island of western Scotland in the Inner Hebrides. It is separated from the mainland on the northeast by the Sound of Mull.


[ˈmʌld] adj
mulled wine → vin chaud
References in classic literature ?
I've studied and mulled over notebooks until I'm incapable of forming an opinion of anything.
Agreed," said Robin presently, and the words were no sooner out of his mouth than the door opened and a serving-man entered bearing tray of mulled wine.
Before the hunt, by old custom, the count had drunk a silver cupful of mulled brandy, taken a snack, and washed it down with half a bottle of his favorite Bordeaux.
His arrival detained my landlady from returning to her rest; for she was just about to leave the other two guests to the care of Susan; but the friend of young Squire Allworthy was not to be so neglected, especially as he called for a pint of wine to be mulled.
This was soon done, and he handed it over to Mr Codlin with that creamy froth upon the surface which is one of the happy circumstances attendant on mulled malt.
I remember, too, when we had discovered and exhausted another topic of consolation in the circumstance of this ladies' cabin adjoining our state-room, and the consequently immense feasibility of sitting there at all times and seasons, and had fallen into a momentary silence, leaning our faces on our hands and looking at the fire, one of our party said, with the solemn air of a man who had made a discovery, 'What a relish mulled claret will have down here
He was none of your flippant young fellows, who would call for a tankard of mulled ale, and make themselves as much at home as if they had ordered a hogshead of wine; none of your audacious young swaggerers, who would even penetrate into the bar--that solemn sanctuary--and, smiting old John upon the back, inquire if there was never a pretty girl in the house, and where he hid his little chambermaids, with a hundred other impertinences of that nature; none of your free-and-easy companions, who would scrape their boots upon the firedogs in the common room, and be not at all particular on the subject of spittoons; none of your unconscionable blades, requiring impossible chops, and taking unheard-of pickles for granted.
A TRIO TO MULL OVER: Lyme Bay Winery's Mulled Wine (10% abv PS8.
FESTIVE drinks are becoming more and more popular every year, from cinnamon spiced lattes at our favourite coffee shop to mulled wine - and mulled cider - at the infamous Christmas markets.
In addition to the ice rink, Winter Skate visitors can chill out in the coolest bar in the city, The Ice Bar, which serves beers, spirits, mulled ciders and wines.
Summary: Mulled wine is a great companion for a cold winter evening.
Catering options include mulled wine or mulled cider on arrival.