mulled cider

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Noun1.mulled cider - sweet cider heated with spices and citrus fruit
sweet cider - unfermented cider
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After the chant, farmer Hewitt shoots a gun over the trees - and those attending then enjoy mugs of mulled cider and apple juice, which is all produced on Boundary Farm.
Festive food and drink will include hot mulled cider, hot roasted chestnuts and mince pies.
Festive welcome with mulled cider and nibbles on arrival day
There were tasting sessions every hour and the bar was stocked with Northern Ireland-themed cocktails made with Jawbox Gin and RubyBlue Potato Vodka, as well as Armagh Apple mulled cider.
Beer, food and entertainment: Expect a wide selection of lager including beer from ABK, the oldest Bavarian brewery, plus Germanthemed cocktails and mulled cider and wine.
Non-alcoholic sugary beverages like mulled cider, hot chocolate, and pumpkin-flavoured coffees can also throw off your body's balance.
The Winter Garden is now open with hot mulled wine, mulled cider and hot port, spiced hot toddies and liqueurs cafe all on the menu.
There's also mulled cider, hot chocolate, giant deep-fried onions, Berliner doughnuts (they don't have a hole in the middle), reindeer burgers and marshmallow cables.
This week Tim Spooner, head chef at The Store, makes Mulled Cider Tart.
Instead we had bonfires, strings of lightbulbs across the garden, hot mulled cider, toffee apples and toasted marshmallows.
each section starts with an intro to essential techniques and methods, before sharing more than 75 recipes for beverages such as sparkling elderflower wine, mead, lager, blackberry whiskey and mulled cider.