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A golf shot not counted as part of the score, granted sometimes in informal play after a poor shot is made, especially from the tee.

[Probably from the name Mulligan.]


(Cookery) US and Canadian a stew made from odds and ends of food
[C20: perhaps from the surname]


(Biography) Gerry, full name Gerald Joseph Mulligan. 1927–96, US jazz saxophonist, who pioneered the cool jazz style of the 1950s


(ˈmʌl ɪ gən)
Gerald Joseph (Gerry), 1927–96, U.S. jazz saxophonist and composer.
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Noun1.mulligan - Irish version of burgoo
stew - food prepared by stewing especially meat or fish with vegetables
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We crave your condescension To tell you what we know Of marching in the Mulligan Guards To Sligo Port below!
The drums and the fifes, Oh, sweetly they did play, As we marched - marched - marched - with the Mulligan Guards!
ACTRESS Carey Mulligan has bemoaned the "sexist film industry", saying that women's stories are "largely untold".
FORMER GAA footballer Owen Mulligan was abusive, rude and aggressive to a doctor after his arrest for suspected drink-driving, a court heard yesterday.
Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel is the 75th anniversary edition of the beloved classic children's picturebook by Caldecott medalist Virginia Lee Burton.
MULLIGAN, the president and chief executive officer of WESTERN WORLD INSURANCE GROUP, will retire in January following a 33-year career with the company.
Robert Mulligan, who retired from the top court post about a year ago, acknowledged some mistakes he made in his years as a judge and administrator, misidentifying the appointing authority for court officers and writing a letter of thanks after an acquaintance of his brother was hired as an associate court officer.
New York, April 26 ( ANI ): Carey Mulligan locked her role as the enigmatic Daisy Buchanan in 'The Great Gatsby' with a kiss.
The Redistribution Recession: How Labor Market Distortions Contracted the Economy By Casey Mulligan 368 pages; Oxford University Press, 2012
Army, FHWA, VDOT and Fairfax County will construct a replacement road through Fort Belvoir from Richmond Highway (Route 1) to Telegraph Road (Route 611), to be named Mulligan Road.
MULLIGAN in Brooksville, in partnership with Voices for Children of North Central Florida, worked to ensure all elementary school children being served by the guardian ad litem program in Hernando, Citrus, and Sumter counties were given new backpacks filled with school supplies.
ISLAMABAD -- "It is not necessary to put a load of hard work in making students understand what you teach rather a little more creativity, addition of non-verbal communication, mime and performance can make your class room more interesting, alive and informative", said Kathleen Mulligan, a Fulbright scholar and Assistant Professor at Department of Theatre Arts, Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York.