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Noun1.multi-billionaire - a very rich person whose material wealth is valued at many billions of dollars
have, rich person, wealthy person - a person who possesses great material wealth
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So I guess when Facebook's multi-billionaire founder Mark Zuckerberg had his first child we could expect nothing less.
The multi-billionaire sheikh bought the 63,000-acre estate in the western Highlands more than 20 years ago.
Cornell professor Robert Johnson and his PhD student Abby are hired by a multi-billionaire tech industry entrepreneur to follow the archeological clues he stumble across about a 500 year old Inca group rebelling against the Spanish control of their land.
Mick Jagger and his bandmates were hired by US multi-billionaire Ralph Whitworth, 60.
On the other hand perhaps Mike Ashley will give Carver the job as it looks like yet another opportunity for the multi-billionaire to stick it to the Newcastle fans who have snubbed him.
We're challenging what might best be described as a public disinformation effort backed by a multi-billionaire who is becoming increasingly involved in state level politics.
The eldest son of US multi-billionaire Warren Buffet has announced decision to invest $ 500 million in agricultural production in Rwanda.
Calling her "an amazing girl," the 30-year-old multi-billionaire thanked Chan for their 11 years as a couple.
And he's bringing the world's 27th richest man, multi-billionaire George Soros, with him.
THE Peel Group - which runs Peel Land and Property - is owned by multi-billionaire John Whittaker.
Why should supporters of the 10th-best supported team in EUROPE last season, having a multi-billionaire owner and ready made infrastructure, be expected to believe that competing with Southampton and Stoke is something to aspire to?
The separatists in Donetsk appear to be still sticking to demands for some form of self-rule despite negotiations with local officials and Ukraine's richest man, multi-billionaire Rinat Akhmetov.

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